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ER License Clinical Social Worker FT 11am-11:30pm

Req #: 17010108
Location: Tampa, FL
Job Category: Case Management
Organization: Florida Hospital Tampa

Work Hours/Shifts
 Full-Time Days
Florida Hospital Tampa
Our hospital has celebrated many firsts in Tampa’s health care history since we opened our doors in 1968. Today, more than four decades later, Florida Hospital Tampa continues to offer innovative medicine as we elevate health care in the Tampa Bay region.
At Florida Hospital Tampa, our diverse clinical specialties provide world-class health care to our patients. We offer the most trusted, expert care in key specialties including cardiovascular care, neurosciences, orthopedics, women's health, cancer and surgery. Our skilled surgeons not only utilize minimally invasive and robot-assisted procedures, but they are also leaders in improving these advanced techniques.
You will be responsible for:
  • When indicated by Dir, Acute Rehab complete a Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment on any Patient Referred for Psychosocial Intervention.
  • Assists with the completion of Discharge Planning Assessment within 48 hours of admission when indicated to assist Dir, Acute Rehab with complex discharge planning.
  • Within 72 hours of referral for Social Work Services, assesses the psychosocial, social, environmental and financial impact of illness and hospitalization on patient and family.
  • Performs reassessments in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, which accurately reflect patient’s physical/functional, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, developmental, and educational needs.
  • Identifies cultural considerations which may impact the plan of care and educates staff.
  • Communicates with physician and interdisciplinary team regarding complex discharge planning or psychosocial issues which impact the plan of care.
  • Incorporates plans based on assessment and reassessment into interdisciplinary plan of care, documenting such on the clinical path or interdisciplinary documentation record.
  • Shares any relevant points from assessment in team meeting on floor.
  • Demonstrates ability to interpret complex psychosocial phenomena.
  • Provides DSM IV diagnosis when appropriate to situation only.
  • Assists with the Development, Coordination and Implementation of a Discharge Plan for Patients when indicated by Dir, Acute Rehab to facilitate complex discharge planning.
  • Based on evaluation of assessment information, assists with recommending a discharge plan to physician, patient and family when needed.
  • Assists in proactive planning and creative solutions to facilitate seamless care and patient movement to the appropriate post-hospital level care in a timely manner.
  • Through supportive intervention and education, facilitates patient/family decision-making and actions needed to accomplish a safe and appropriate discharge plan.
  • Assists with referrals/arrangements for complex discharges-nursing home and assisted living facility placements, psychosocial (mental health services, support groups, etc.) Services, vocational and financial assistance - and other arrangements.
  • Identifies and maintains current information on community resources.
  • Assists the Dir, Acute Rehab when requested with the assessment and placement of Baker Act patients, including oversight of hospital’s compliance with regulations related to timely psychiatric transfer/assessment.
  • Acts as a patient/family advocate when needed to achieve optimal discharge plan or when grievances arise.
  • Communicates through daily communication with interdisciplinary team regarding:
  • Problem-solving difficult cases, including those involving delays (special attention to capitation, indigent and catastrophic cases);
  • Strategies to prevent avoidable days;
  • Communication needed with interdisciplinary team/physician regarding discharge plan.
  • Provides information as indicated by population-specific indicators or high-risk screening.
  • Provides follow-up intervention post-discharge as indicated.
  • Provides Psychosocial Expertise and Services to Patient/Families, Physicians and Hospital Staff to Support the Plan of Care as Requested by Dir, Acute Rehab.
  • Contributes to each patient’s individualized plan of care based in expertise regarding psychosocial, cultural, development, and ethical issues.
  • Provides patient/family counseling for psychosocial adjustment to consequences of illness and/or hospitalization, including facilitating acceptance of the discharge plan and emotional preparation for life changes.
  • Assesses and reports suspected child, elder and disabled adult abuse or neglect and serves as communication link between patient/family, protective services, law enforcement and physician to ensure safety of the patient care, and emotional support. Includes providing court testimony when needed.
  • Provides assessment, counseling and referrals for other domestic violence situations.
  • Provides crisis intervention and bereavement support in Code 19s and death events.
  • Facilitates smooth hospital process for adoptions according to Hospital policy. Acts as liaison with agency or attorney and provides psychosocial support to birth parents and advocacy for rights of birth parents and baby.
  • Facilitates determination of capacity of patients when questionable, initiating and following through guardianship proceedings when necessary. Acts as petitioner and participates in Court process as such.
  • Provides counseling regarding advance directives when requested.
  • Provides interventions for end of life decision-making and acts as liaison with the Ethics Committee for the health care team.
  • Completes Baker Act forms if necessary and if experience to do so appropriate.
  • Serves as communication link for community agency or health care representatives to facilitate problem-solving, information-sharing to enhance patient care, or smooth transitions to existing or new resources (school officials, vocational counselor, Workers Comp. Case Manager, Psychotherapist, group home/ALF/nursing home staff, county social worker, adoptions worker, etc.).
  • Provides education and consultation on patient rights issues.
  • Facilitates a patient/family support group relevant to clinical area as appropriate.
  • Provides education programs for nursing and other staff on psychosocial issues such as emotional impact of various illnesses, domestic violence, advance directives, cultural considerations, development issues, etc.
  • Provides crisis counseling and referral to the EAP for employees with immediate problems.
  • Provides brief support to nursing and other clinical staff in difficult patient situations that impact them emotionally.
  • Participates in community education programs upon request as appropriate to expertise with approval of Director.
  • Contributes Effectively to the Case Management Model
  • Assists in implementing case management strategies that will foster safe and timely discharges and efficiency in the services of the department throughout the continuum of care.
  • As a key participant in the Outcomes Assessment Team in assigned clinical area(s), participates in assessing the results, reporting them through administrative and committee channels, making recommendations, and implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of changes.
  • Shares tasks and rewards appropriately with other Case Management team members.
  • Demonstrates Commitment to Professional Development
  • Identifies own learning needs and seeks opportunities for self-growth and career advancement.
  • Enhances professional knowledge and development through participation in educational programs and in-service meetings and reading current literature.
  • Seeks supervision appropriately and uses it to improve and expand skill base.
  • Attends individual and group supervision meetings consistently as required by Florida licensure statue.
  • Contributes to meeting Case Management staff learning needs by providing at least one in-service per year.
  • Performs Additional Duties as Required or Assigned. 
What will you need?
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills required.
  • A Master of Social Work degree required.
  • Minimum of one (1) year post –Master’s experience in counseling or health care-related social work.
  • Experience with data analysis and interpretation required.
  • Experience with PC applications required (such as word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics).
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills required.
  • Experience with staff and/or community education related to psychosocial issues or wellness (Preferred)
  • Current Licensure as Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Florida.

This facility is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws, regulations and ordinances.
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