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Emergency Room Technician Part Time Nights

Req #: 17014003
Location: Tampa, FL
Job Category: Emergency Services
Organization: Florida Hospital Carrollwood
Potential Referral Bonus: $

Work Hours/Shift
Part Time Nights
Florida Hospital Carrollwood
You will be responsible for:
  • Introduces self to patient and explains role in their care.
  • Calls patient by his or her preferred name.
  • Rounds with previous shift staff and receives report on care given to patients.
  • Uses a handshake or a touch on the arm.
  • Uses the mission, vision, and value statements in delivering your care.
  • Includes the following 7 “Patient First” behaviors in the delivery of patient care daily:
  • Make the Time: when leaving the bedside ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
  • Take the Time: Scripted “Welcome”, Orient patient/ and family to treatment area.
  • Plan the Time: Inform patients what to expect.
  • Explain the Time: explain what you are doing and how it will benefit the patient.
  • Account for the Time: apologize and account for delays and use service recovery if necessary.
  • Pick the Time and Place: for confidential conversations, venting, personal, etc.
  • Thank them for their Time: End on a positive note-inform of what happens next, provide education, and mention patient satisfaction survey.
  • Demonstrating a supportive learning attitude.
  • Exhibiting flexibility.
  • Being open to change.
  • Sensitive to department and hospital-wide needs.
  • Effectively participates in conflict resolution/problem solving.
  • Promotes timely patient placement by following hospital policy for patient admission, discharge, and transfer.
  • Demonstrates awareness of factors by all of the following:
  • Correct utilization of Pyxis system for supplies.
  • Returns dirty equipment to supply room when not in use.
  • Complies with decisions made for staffing adjustments (i.e. floating).
  • Provides care to patients in accordance with standards of care:
  • Provides assistance with basic hygiene, comfort, and activities of daily living
  • Turning and repositioning patient according to policy.
  • Uses techniques to prevent skin shearing when moving patients.
  • Notifies nurse if skin breakdown observed.
  • Urine specimen collection and documentation.
  • Performs splinting.  Performs pre and post splinting checks and documents
  • Inserts IV catheters in peripheral veins, installs locks, and applies dressing and documents per hospital policy.
  • Provides correctly adjusted crutches, instructs patient on crutch walking and documents.
  • Removes Urinary Catheters and documents.
  • Reports observations to nurse.
  • Performs simple clean dressing changes and documents.
  • Performs accucheks and hemocults per hospital procedure and documents if credentialed.
  • Discontinues Nasogastric tubes, disposes of in accordance with hospital Biohazardous waste policy and Documents on patient record.
  • Removes peripheral IV catheters, disposes of in accordance with hospital Biohazardous waste policy.
  • Observes site and notifies nurse of condition.
  • Documents on patient record.
  • Performs unit based phlebotomy for patient lab tests and documents.
  • Empties Foley bags.
  • Documents on patient record
  • Transports patients, medical records, and equipment to destinations within scheduled time frames, observing correct techniques.
  • Assists in positioning, lifting, and ambulating patients, using appropriate safety precautions and body mechanics.
  • Rounds frequently on patients in assigned area.
  • Answers call lights in a timely manner.
  • Communicates patient requests, problems or concerns to the nurse.
  • Weighs patients using correct procedure.
  • Distributes linen supplies
  • Provides water, juice when instructed.
  • Assisting with meal set-up.
  • Feeding patients within identified restrictions.
  • Performs unit errands and returns to the unit promptly when errand completed
  • Prioritizes responsibilities and utilizes time effectively to accomplish duties in necessary timeframe.
  • Keeps nurse informed when leaving and upon returning to unit.
  • Conforms to patient care policy standard for dress code expectations
  • Follows hospital policy for patient identification and use of two identifiers 100% of the time for all specimen collections and patient related activities.
  • Uses universal precautions 100% of the time.
  • Follows identified patient isolation requirements.
  • Performs good hand-washing techniques before, during, and after patient care 100% of the time.
  • Maintains exemplary clean and uncluttered patient environment.
  • Integrates age-specific standards when providing care under the direction of nurse as evidenced by:
  • Communicates in appropriate manner for patient level of understanding.
  • Maintains safe environment utilizing appropriate equipment and safety devices, based on patient’s age.
  • Performs procedures utilizing appropriate sized equipment and age parameters.
  • Demonstrates ability to recognize age specific parameters and implement age related care under the direction of the Registered Nurse.
  • Supports education by identifying and reporting patient/family responses to information.
  • Demonstrates safety in care of patients with restraints:
  • Observes that restraints are tied properly.
  • Follows protocol for restraint use appropriate for scope of practice.
  • Reports any patient behavioral changes to the nurse.
  • Assists with patient ADL’s, toileting and feeding.
  • Observes and reports to the nurse skin integrity changes associated with restraints.
  • Demonstrates responsibility for patient safety related to falls:
  • Responds immediately to patient attempting to leave bed.
  • Responds to call bells in a timely manner.
  • Is proactive in meeting toileting needs of patients.
  • Aware of location of Crash Cart and able to initiate CPR if needed.
  • Handles dirty linen properly and in accordance with hospital policy.
  • Monitoring of patient telemetry with rhythm identification
  • Completes all mandatory educational requirements. 
  • Completes CNA/NT self-study educational packets when offered
  • Attends 75% of unit staff meetings and reviews all meeting minutes if meeting is not attended.
  • Maintains unit based mandatory requirements (i.e. BCLS). 
What will you need?
  • Individuals must possess these knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and to demonstrate that s/he can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities.
  • High School education or equivalent
  • Completion of a formal Aide/Attendant program, or completion of introductory clinical in an approved RN program  or completion of an approved EMT course or greater than 2 years clinical experience in an ED tech role.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow written and verbal instructions effectively.
  • Florida State Certification as Nurse Assistant or,
  • EMT or Paramedic or, completion of introductory nursing in an approved RN program
  • Current BLS/BCLS

This facility is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws, regulations and ordinances.
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